Predicted Color

About Predicting Beer Color

This is a calculator for predicting beer color in a recipe. The grist is the source of the majority of beer color. In addition to the grist, length and intensity of boiling also has an effect on color.

Beer color prediction is limited to common ingredients. The use of fruit is usually outside of any color prediction beyond obvious layman’s terms (i.e. raspberries in a pale beer will make red.)

Color Units in Brewing

The three most common measuring units for color in brewing are:

  • EBC are color units derived from the European Brewing Commission method. EBC units are used for describing both grist and beer color outside the US.
  • SRM are color units derived from the Standard Research Method set by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC). SRM units are used for describing beer color in the US.
  • °L or Degrees Lovibond is an older method on which the SRM is based. It is most often used in describing the color of malt, not beer as with EBC and SRM.
Predicted Color
Predicted Color