Beer Line Length

Beer Line Length in a Kegerator

This is a calculator to estimate the length of a beer line for optimal performance when building or setting-up a kegerator. This is sometimes also referred to as “balancing a draft system.”

If you are serious enough about beer to purchase or make a kegerator, you are likely not going to have the same beer on tap day after day. The beer you server will have a range of gravities and a range of ideal carbonations. This calculator should give you the tool to pick a beer line length to fit your needs.

The Importance of a Correct Beer Line Length

Having a correct beer line length is important because if it’s too short, the beer will be too foamy, and if it’s too long, the beer will pour slow. A good starting point is the goal of pouring a US Pint in 8 seconds or pouring an Imperial Pint in 10 seconds. It’s always best to error on the long side since it’s easier to cut the line to make adjustments than to replace the line with a longer one.

Beer Line Length
Beer Line Length
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